Magic Card

So I cannot take credit for this cool idea at all but I did make a version that is all my own!  Check out this YouTube link for the full instructions on how to make this awesome card!

As I mentioned on Tuesday I made my card using the Botanical Blooms Stamp Set. On the outside the card is a combination of cool grey, white and black with a pop of orange.


However as you pull up on the washi tape tab, the card magically reveals the colors of the leaves!


Fun, huh?! My one suggestion would be sure to not make the border of your window too small.  I should have left a larger border of polka dots to make sliding the card in and out easier.


Hope your day and crafting time are as “magical” as can be!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. PaperPuff says:

    Brilliant fun. I used to love these things as a kid. Still do!


  2. Love this card!! I will definitely need to try to make a magical card.


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